Luke French Bulldog


Health Certificate: Free

ISO microchip: Free

Shipping Crate: INCLUDED

Lifetime Health Guarantee: INCLUDED



Luke French Bulldog Breeder’s Note

Luke French Bulldog Soft, sweet and snuggly, Honey is the cutest pup of this French Bulldog litter.

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and deworming’s to date, microchip, and the Puppy Firm Guarantee. Lola will not come with a pedigree. This little guy is full of personality.  A family who is willing to take Luke on walks in addition to playing in the yard is important for him. He is confident, happy, playful, energetic, very clever, determined, and incredibly snuggly.

He does not like to be alone for too long and prefers to be touching his humans or furry sibling at all times. He is very social and ideally should be in an active home with at least one other playful dog. He likes to go on walks and enjoys sniffing around the neighborhood to keep things interesting.

BreedFrench Bulldog

Gender: Female

Color: cream

Age: 16weeks

Date of Birth: Aug 12.2020

We have also played around with some home agility activities for Luke. Being as clever as he is, he has enjoyed this, so this could be something else to keep him sharp and happy in his new home.

Luke initiates and engages in play several times a day with his foster brother, wrestling, running, nibbling, which provides him extra exercise and fun. A nice nap usually follows.


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