Jackson French Bulldog


Health Certificate: Free

ISO microchip: Free

Shipping Crate: INCLUDED

Lifetime Health Guarantee: INCLUDED



Jackson French Bulldog Breeder’s Note

Jackson French Bulldog Soft, sweet and snuggly, Jackson is the cutest pup of this Bulldog litter.

This pup will come with all details of vaccinations and deworming’s to date, microchip, and the Puppy Firm Guarantee. Lola will not come with a pedigree. We are Danny and Brenda Jackson who on occasion have a litter of quality English and Bulldog . We are not a kennel but a small breeder who is located in the beautiful festival city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, approximately 1.5 hours southwest of Toronto and 1.5 hours from the Port Huron border. The French Bulldog is a breed of domestic dog, bred to be companion dogs.

Your puppy will come with the following:

  • CKC registered
  • one year health contract against a life threatening disease
  • first set of shots
  • microchipped
  • dewormed
  • lifetime of support

All pups are sold on a non-breeding contract unless otherwise agreed upon.

We breed to standard and DO NOT breed rare colors in either English or French Bulldogs.


BreedFrench Bulldog

Gender: Female

Color: cream

Age: 16weeks

Date of Birth: Aug 12.2020

The French Bulldog resembles a Bulldog in miniature, except for the large, erect “bat ears” that are the breed’s trademark feature. The head is large and square, with heavy wrinkles rolled above the extremely short nose. The body beneath the smooth, brilliant coat is compact and muscular.

The bright, affectionate Frenchie is a charmer. Dogs of few words, Frenchie’s don’t bark much—but their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs. They happily adapt to life with singles, couples, or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercise. They get on well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human variety. It is no wonder that city folk from Paris to Peoria swear by this vastly amusing and companionable breed.


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